September 23, 2012

Dry Weather Brings Fires

 One evening after supper we were outside chatting with friends. The wind picked up in the trees and we decided it wasn't a good night to let the kids ride the pony. Suddenly there was a loud CRACK and a flash of light. So we got the kids inside and our neighbor called and said he saw smoke, that he thought was on the neighbor's pasture. Daniel and Tyler sprung out the door and it immediately started raining a good down pour by the time I got the gate for them and they zoomed by on the 4-wheeler with shovels and rakes. It rained for less than 5 minutes. When they found where the fire was it was on our place but only cow pies were still burning. Five neighbors showed up to make sure everything was ok and help if they could by hauling water from the windmill.

The next day we took the kids out and showed them where there was a fire on our ranch, and that other ranchers had lost much more than we did. It was also that morning that another fire started that burned thousands of acres. We knelt down and had a family prayer, giving our thanks for blessing us with that tiny down pour of rain that saved our pasture that night. That same day Daniel and one neighbor went out and bought a set up of water tanks and hoses and a pump for our own little "fire trucks". I need to insert a picture of that later I guess.

The Black Hawk Helicopters flew over our ranch for days while putting out nearby fires.

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