August 28, 2012

Summertime 2012

 We love it that Daniel can be home and take time off for a water fight every now and then!
 Clay loves to sit in the dog's water bucket and splash around.

 Playing in the mud.
 Sidewalk chalk.

 Cailin took lots of pictures of our flowers this summer.
 Branding and castrating the last calf. Catherine Drake was here visiting and we had so much fun with her!
 We had a batch of kittens born.

We harvested our red potatoes and our neighbors let us put them in their root cellar until we can get ours built this fall.

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Kiley said...

Fun pictures. I'm glad you had time to post. Kailin's hair is so cute! I hope you're able to beat the heat we've been having. How's your range holding up?

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