September 26, 2012

Drought Conditions and Buying Hay

There is something fascinating to me about big rigs hauling huge loads. Our hay gets here from North Dakota. Even though we had to pay for the hay and the trucking it ended up being less expensive than buying hay from someone close by. Hay around here is anywhere between $180- $250 a ton.  We were not going to pay that much. It took a lot of looking, but we finally found something to fit our budget.

You can see how dry it really is here. In this part of the country 22" of rainfall a year is average. This year I don't know if we've even had 10". Everyone is feeling it. People are selling cattle and trucks are hauling hay all over the place.
Daniel had fun unloading the hay with our way cool old fashioned tractor with no power steering! Ha ha!

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