October 20, 2008

First time blogger

Well here it is, my first shot at blogging! I'm still working out little details so hopefully it will all come together soon.

Our family is getting ready to welcome a new baby into our home. I don't think that Cailin and Colten quite understand what is about to happen. They are really excited to know that it won't be much longer, as am I! This has been a really long and horrible pregnancy from the beginning, so I am ready for it to be over and have the prize at the end. Less than 2 weeks!

Daniel recently started his new job here at Sitz Angus. He loves working the cows. He is on a horse every day and is working really hard. This registered outfit is a lot more complicated than we ever thought. He is learning so much!

Two weekends ago we got 2 feet of snow. It was a lot of fun. We tried sledding in our yard, built snowmen, and dug small tunnels. (As much as a pregnant woman can do) We are also getting ready for halloween with all sorts of crafts and projects.


Jamie said...

YAY! Welcome to the blogosphere! I love your picture and I am so excited about your baby #3! PLEEEEASE let me help any way I can--can we take the kids for a couple of days? Maybe I can take them to play with Aunt Stacy and give you some down time or something. Of course, you have to tell me how to get to where you live and we'll totally come over--can't wait! We'll have to chat it up about Primary--UGH! ;) Love ya! Thanks for the vote of confidence! XO
PS: Can I add you to my links?

Summer said...

YES we need to get together for sure! My parents are coming up to take care of the kids. I'll call ya! Sure you can add me to your links, but I need help with my blog!

Jenn said...

Summer...I miss you! So glad your back in good ol MT! And I'm excited for all of you with the new baby coming. Well welcome to the worl of blogging. It's great fun...I'ld love to add you my links as well...

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