October 26, 2008

Early Halloween

Our ward in Three Forks had a chili dinner and the "trunk or treat" last night. The kids were so excited to get to finally dress up since we've had or been working on their costumes since the beginning of the month. Cailin was Cinderella. She actually got the gloves and little purse in Disney Land when my parents took us all there last January. Colten kept changing his mind. Finally I got him to agree to be just a tractor and not a track hoe or a bobcat. He loves equipment! He got a lot of attention at the party. Daniel and I made his costume together. They got a lot of candy and someone in the ward said their kids "pay taxes" on their candy in their home. We thought we might start that!

I was glad to have some Halloween fun because the doctor is going to induce me on Thursday the 30th. There is a school carnival on that day and the kids get to dress up when they go to school Friday. My parents are coming up so they will get to have fun with Cailin and Colten those days. I'm sure they'll enjoy it since it's been a while for them. Daniel and I will miss out on the fun, but it will be worth it to have our baby here!

Here are some pictures of the kids in their costumes.


Kiley said...

We love your costumes! Your house looks cute too. I'm happy your baby is coming this week and that your parents can come stay with you (I'm just sad we didn't get to return the favor of watching your kids). Good luck this week.

Andria said...

The picture of the kids overlooking the cattle was so precious! Hope everything goes well with the baby! My kids think it is cool that you are having a baby near Halloween! Hopefully, we will see you at Thanksgiving.

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