September 26, 2012

Two Buddies Climb Table Rock

Two cousins decided to take on the challenge to climb a mountain: Table Rock. My sister Michelle and I had planned on doing it for a month, and decided to let them come along. It was not easy, but we all made it! Thank goodness for Uncle John who had to help Colten and Kade get to the very top as they both thought they'd come far enough when the fear of heights kicked in!

 Colten and Kade both had moments where they sat down, said they would NOT go on and cried a bit.

 Neither one of them wanted to stand up at the top.
 Yea! We made it!
We went up the face, but came down Huckleberry which takes longer but helps save your knees as the face it steep. It is really pretty up there! I wish this were in my yard.

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