September 23, 2012

Schiess Reunion

 L-R Michelle, Branden, Summer, Brooke, Alexie, and Sierra. Penny holding Sandy, and Lynn. I got all the shrimpy genes. I was even straining to be on my tipiest tippy toes!
                              My mom and Dad, Penny and Lynn. The new dog Sandy.
                                                                   Lyle and Lynn

I thought it was funny that we took pictures of my family (parents and siblings), my parents, and who else? My dad and his twin brother. They both have had some serious health issues this summer. Uncle Lyle had a heart attack early in the summer which left my dad to do almost everything alone. (I somehow know how he feels!) Then my dad's good leg started giving him lots of troubles and unbearable pain. He finally had his hip replaced before the harvest in early September. My Uncle, his son in law, another uncle and my brother were able to get the grain in. My dad almost went crazy not being able to do a thing!
 Kiley and Clay help set up the tents.
 Cailin and Colten in their tent.
 Kiley being silly!
Clay and Daniel hanging out in the morning.

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Kiley said...

So fun! I'm glad you were able to go on a trip. And that's so fun that all your siblings are there. Was that this summer or are you still in Idaho? We are headed that way this coming weekend. Jason's going hunting with his dad and brother and the kids and I are going to my sister's house.

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