October 29, 2010

What Now

Well a lot has been happening. We didn't get the first ranch job the church was hiring for in Montana. They will have some more openings at the beginning of next year, but may just transfer within the company of AgReserves. We've been contemplating what to do now. There just aren't any ranch jobs out there right now, so Daniel drove out to Nebraska to look at some ranches for sale. If you can't find a job, buy a job? We are just exploring all our options, but staying at my parent's house while they are here is wearing thin. Our storage unit time is up- we paid for 10 months. But we'll just go month to month now. I can't believe almost a year ago we stacked it all in a storage unit and haven't had our own place all year. Tomorrow is Kiley's 2nd birthday! Next week we get to find out what our baby is! I am now in my 22nd week and feeling much better, mostly just tired. My sister Sierra is due next week too, we are seeing the same doctor.


Kayla and Justin said...

Summer our prayers are with you.

Kiley said...

Has Daniel already come and gone? How'd the ranch hunting go? Please let us know if you're ever in our neck of the woods. We need to see you guys again! People at church are always asking how you are doing.

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