November 5, 2010

Kiley's Birthday

I didn't take many pictures for some reason, but hopefully I can get the video to download. I can't believe our baby Ki is 2! She has been a huge joy in our life. This little girl enjoys being in our family. At night when she's babbling in her crib you can hear her saying: Mamma, Dadda, Kay Kay, Cogie, Ki Ki, Papa (Grandpa), Namma (Grandma) over and over, not crying just talking to herself. I'm really glad we've had this time here with my parents. Even though at times it's not easy, it is great that my kids have had this time with them. She loves Grandpa and will sit next to him while he watches T.V. or eats breakfast. She knows when the 4-wheeler comes zooming home that it's probably him and she goes running to the door and opens it for him. She takes care of my mom's tiny poodle when she's gone, because the dog hates it when she gets left home. When you ask her where Cailin and Colten are during the day she'll say "bus" because she doesn't understand they get off the bus at school. What a fun kid she is!

Ok the video didn't download, but she got a really cute pink and purple trike and a little farm set with a tractor so she can play with Colten and have her OWN tractors!

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