October 8, 2010

Family Campout

A few weeks ago the kids didn't have school on Friday so we decided to take them over to Palisades Lake and go camping in an area called Indian Creek. It was cold the two mornings we were there, but it was the best camping trip ever! We went hiking and fishing, ate good food, played games and just enjoyed each other and the wonderful outdoors. Tin foil dinners and our camp.

Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes and Hot Chocolate for Breakfast.

Daniel widdled some sticks into "guns".

Hiking and looking down at our camp.

Fishing, but we didn't have one bite!
Cold, cold, mornings!

Cailin and Colten slept in their own tent without any problems! We were so proud of them.
The second morning the kids asked what was for breakfast. Daniel told them we were having an easy breakfast of Pop Tarts. I am actually a little proud to say they had no clue what they were, and even though we were all hungry, no one really liked them! So then we packed up and went and got a square ice cream cone. Next time we plan on having eggs and bacon for every breakfast that we go camping!

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Kiley said...

Fun trip and great pictures! I love the one with Kiley carrying the firewood.

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