September 20, 2010

Life Now and Future Plans

Last Saturday Colten cut grain with my dad and hauled it with Daniel. So Cailin and Kiley and I went to the big town of Tetonia for a centenial day celebration. They had a parade, a free potatoe bar lunch and a pie contest. I've been into baking pies lately because my dad has this huge raspberry patch. So I entered this pie- peach raspberry. I was surprised that it took first place! It's match sold for 75 bucks! It is the simplest way to bake a pie if you have fresh fruit. This winter I plan on trying it with frozen, we'll see how that goes. Below is the recipe for the crust and the filling. Not to ambitious? I used a store bought shell before and it works too. Crust: 2 1/2 cups flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1 cup shortening. Squish with a fork until crumbly- or use a pie crust tool. Then in a different bowl combine 1 egg, 1 Tablespoon white vinegar, 1/4 cup ice cold water. Mix and add to the crumbly mixture. Makes 3 small crusts or two large with some left over. I did the two large for a flakier thicker crust.

Filling: Mix together 1 cup of sugar with 1/3 cup of flour. Then add 4 cups of fresh fruit. My first pie I did rhubarb and raspberries - SOOO GOOD, Peaches and rasberries was equally delicious. Dot the top of the fruit with about a tablespoon of butter. Put the top on and flute the edges. Brush the top with egg whites and sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Let rest to set up for a few hours. A trick for the crust is to roll it out between plastic wrap and then slap it in the pan and on the top, pulling the wrap off after it's in position.

This is one way to keep children busy when baking. Flour in a huge cake sheet with tractors. Smaller kids tend to end up like this though:
P.S. Daniel bought me a new car!!!! It is a GMC Envoy, it's not new, but new to us. Even though I feel like it's new every time I drive it. I LOVE THIS CAR!!! But there is a story behind this vehicle I've been waiting to share. Settle in for a story:
When we first got to Missouri I started working out with another wife who's husband works for APX. We were doing the P90X and running. I was working out harder than I ever had since I ran for Ricks College. I was feeling great and getting back into shape. I thought "wow, this is finally it, finally time to get my body back!" Well soon enough my monthly friend was a few days late. This happens frequently to athletes who work out hard. I didn't think anything of it until it never came. I voiced my concern to Daniel and we went and found a dollar store to buy a pregnancy test just to prove that I was working out too hard and my body was just late. It was posative. "No way", I thought the test was just a cheapo and took another, then I bought a more expensive one, then the MOST expensive one. Keep in mind that I get deathly ill when pregnant and after #3 I swore I was done. Well this was not so. I began to cry and I knew exactly when I would get sick, down to the day and when I would finally feel better. I felt like my Summer was ruined, not to mention all Daniel and I's plans to buy a ranch this fall. I soon found out that Daniel was really tired of doing APX during the summer and didn't think he could do it any more. We decided to change out plans about buying our own ranch. It was hard to let the dream go, but sometimes the Lord guides our lives in the most unexpected ways. I feel like this was His way of telling us to do something safer. We will soon have 4 kids and we need a steady reliable job. We did finish out the summer selling, which put us way ahead financially and we can relax and find the right job instead of just any old ranch job.I did get sick the exact day I said I would. However I believe the Lord is having a "tender mercy" upon me. I think Elder Bednar gave that talk last Spring about recognizing those tender mercies the Lord bestows upon us. I haven't been AS sick, sick none the less, but not quite as sick. I had to buy new maternity clothes, which was nice because there are some really cute things out there. I did give away all my baby clothes, but kept the bigger things for my sisters, so we have some things. I still haven't found a doctor, but really should seeing that I'm almost 16 weeks along now. We are waiting to hear back from the church ranch to see about a couple different openings on two ranches in Montana. We'd love to go back there and that would be the biggest blessing. Now you know why I got a new car! Oh, I think it has to be a boy because I was much sicker with Cailin and Kiley. Daniel is super excited and has been since the beginning. It's growing on me, literally... The kids are happy too.


Maria Miller said...

Wow...nothing is as constant as change, huh?!? We loved having Daniel here on his way home and were so excited when he told us about the new little Orton on the way! You are such a great family that the Lord just had to send you one more little spirit. I hope Daniel gets a job on the church ranch in sounds like that would be perfect for all of you. Hope you are feeling better soon..........Love, Maria

Kiley said...

Yay!! Congratulations! And I'm so glad you're not quite as sick! And yay for a new car. Do you miss your green car? I'll give you a call sometime.

Jenn said...

Oh exciting!!! On the new-to-you car AND the new baby!!! And it would be so cool to have you all back in MT...I'm just sayin'!!

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