September 20, 2010

After The Summer

The week the kids and I flew home we went to the Schiess Family Reunion. We got a little wet but had a lot of fun. The kids rode their bikes, participated in a scavenger hunt and fun kids games. I played Rook. The next week I decided I wanted to take my kids on a little hike to enjoy the mountains like I did when I was a kid. We decided to hike to a place where my brother Branden used to have a little flag. We were dissapointed that there wasn't even a trace of the huge pile of rocks that used to be there. Someone must have thrown them all off the ridge because there's no way that pile could've been moved any other way. So here are some pictures of this wonderful and fun hike. Kiley had a nap while my mom listened for her so we could go. We climbed up, had lunch and some powdered donuts and came home. It took only about an hour and a half, perfect for my kids.
We hiked to the ridge that makes a straight line across. That white strip at the bottom is my dad's potatoe cellar.
The first part was pretty steep!
I must've developed some allergies because when we got through the quakies and into the sagebrush I could not stop sneezing.
Getting closer!
This is looking west at Red Mountain. Red Mountain is those three little humps at the top in the middle. It holds kind of a prestige in my mind because it takes a little time to get there on a horse, and when I was a kid I always wanted to get to the top of Red Mountain and see what was on the other side. It is a pretty steep hike to get there. Do you know what's on the other side? More mountains!
The view from the top, another picture similair to this is the one on the front of my blog. BTW I climbed the Grand when I was 19, right after my first year at Ricks- AWESOME!!! I'll have to post those pictures some time, but they are all in the storage unit...
Coming down. Then soon after that we started school. Here is Cailin all ready for second grade at Victor Elementary!

Colten was as excited as he could be to ride the bus to school! He is going to kindergarten which is in the same building that I went to high school in, and so did both of my parents!Soon after Daniel got home he took the kids on the horses. Since we sold our only kids horse someone has to be there with them. I'm still a little sad about that...

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Maria Miller said...

How fun to share places and activities from your childhood with your own kids! It brings back lots of fond memories for you and, as your kids get older, they see you in a different way...not just as a mom!

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