September 16, 2010

Our HOT Summer In St. Louis

When we first got to Missouri we celebrated Cailin's 7th Birthday.
Kiley didn't want to take a picture I guess.
We entered the kids in a fun run at a place called the Magic House. It's a kids museum with tons of fun, fun things to do.

They bth ran really well and then we got free passes to play in the museum for the day. I wish I could get a video to upload and you could really see the neat things we did.
Of course we went swimming. It was SO hot there that we either were somewhere inside, like the library or the children's museum. Other than that we were at the pool almost every day. We tried going to parks but it was just way too hot and miserable.

All three of the kids got really comfortable in the water and Cailin and Colten even learned how to swim under water the full length of the pool! They were self learners as I'm not the greatest swimmer and spent most of my time near Kiley. Once again the videos tell the stories. I'll have to try that one later.This view is from the top of the Arch. This is the Cardinals Stadium.

At the children's museum.

I have the coolest video of Colten in the construction area moving gravel with a tiny backhoe thing. We also went ice skating to get out of the sun.
We spent a few mornings fishing at this pond near our apartment. We caught fish every time.

Overall it was a fun summer. We had some good experiences and one scary one. I seriously thought that someone was going to take one of my kids from me right in front of my face in broad daylight. Luckily all of them listened when I said it was time to go home from a park. It is way too scary not having 3 arms, one for each child. Daniel had a great summer as far as selling. However we never want to be in St. Louis again!

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Kiley said...

I love your family fishing pictures. You look great Summer!

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