March 4, 2010


Not much has been happening since our move right after Christmas. My parents went south for the winter and we are house sitting which is going well. Daniel went to Arizona for 3 weeks to sell some pre- season during January. He did really good and surprised us by coming home a day earlier than planned! I was getting kinda burned out doing it all alone so this week I've been on VACATION! Daniel has had the kids all by himself since Sunday afternoon. I have to say he is doing a great job, but now has a much better understanding of what it is I really do, and why I go to bed before 10! I have been staying at his parent's house, shopping, seeing family, friends and missionary companions. I haven't been making meals, cleaning, doing homework, giving baths or any mom/ wife duties for 4 days now, and the best part is that I still have 3 days left! I am really feeling rejuvinated already. I love my family and miss them! Thank you to Daniel for having the courage to give me this break. ALL mothers should get a break like this at least once!

There is some sad news I must share with you though. My beautiful cat, Alma, died at the vet last week. I never thought I'd pay money to a vet if he got sick, but when it came down to it and I knew he would die if we didn't do something I broke, I loved that cat! He hadn't come to eat for a few days and just didn't sound good. He meowed on the way there and he sounded like a kitten, but couldn't hardly even move. He had a blatter infection and had to be relieved immediately which needed sedation. His blatter was the size of a softball! Anyways, he made it through everything, was doing good the next morning- eating and all, then he just died after the vet got his btu's(whatever that is) and potasium levels back to normal. They told me they were not sure what happened. Maybe his body went into shock after coming back to normal. I never made a fuss over a cat, but Alma had moved with us 5 times and was even left in Nebraska until our friends could bring him home to us. He would wait on the tractor to feed cows when we were at Lone Star. He broke up wild Nebraska cat fights. He even survived breaking out of his carrier and jumping out of the truck on our last move up to Montana. I guess he doesn't like moving just as much as me. He will not have to move any more. He is buried in the horse pasture alongside Mick, another favorite barn cat of my childhood. I just am saddend because we won't have a barn cat when we finally achieve our dream.


Kiley said...

I'm glad you've blogged. I've been wondering how you are doing. That's fun that you are on a getaway. I bet my kids would love if I left Jason in charge for a couple of days - they would get to eat all the candy they wanted!

Sorry to hear about Alma. How did you kids take the news? When he made the trip with us to MOntana I was so afraid he would escape and be lost forever in Wyoming. When you get your own place we will happily bring you as many barn cats as you want (since we haven't gotten rid of the tom yet).

Have fun on the rest of your trip!

Anonymous said...

Im so sad about Alma too! I have some pictures of him I will get to u. :(

Jenn said...

Glad that you are having some YOU time...a happy Mom is a happy family!!
Sorry to hear about Alma...It's such a bummer when you lose a pet. Hugs!

Maria Miller said...

So glad to hear from you, Summer! I've been wondering how you and the family were fairing and it sounds like you had a great week for your own spring break! Good for you!

Sorry to hear about Alma. We've lost three cats over the years and I always miss them. I'm more of a cat person than a dog person but don't tell Chris...he's just the opposite!

Tell Daniel we said "hello" and to give us a call sometime.....Maria

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