April 28, 2010

Hard Work

Well my parents got the internet hooked up today. They have been home for a week now. So now we start the 6 week period where Daniel is gone and I live with my folks. I'm gonna try to figure out my dad's lap top computer and post some pictures soon. To tell you the truth though I haven't missed the internet that much. Elder Holland actually spoke to the young adults in Cache Valley and told them to stop facebook and texting. I'd much rather blog, and we don't have texting anyways'

Daniel has been selling for almost 3 weeks now. It's been a rough start, but hopefully as Summer gets here it will pick up. The kids and I have been holding down the fort, or should I say my parents' fort... Cailin is working really hard in school, get's 100 on most spelling tests and is reading 63 words a minute! She's working extra hard on math because with each different school they've had different teaching methods. You should see the weird way they teach math these days; partners, math mountains... count up by tens instead of just adding the numbers... it's a learning curve for me too. Cailin loves to jump rope and is very into being social. Colten is using Cailin's old kindergarten workbook, and doing very well. He knows all his letters and what sounds they make. He can count to the 30's. He loves to be outside, especially in my dad's tool shed, which is VERY greasy dirty! Kiley is a character and will tease anyone she knows! I've figured out that she doesn't really "play" per se, she "explores". Although I caught her playing with Colten's tractor today, which didn't last very long because he swiped it back. Kiley LOVES to be outside and gets very mad when it's time to go in. She loves the dogs, the horses, and even the fat grey cat named Sassy, for a reason. After baking cookies the other day she climbed on the table and poured baking soda all over, and then proceeded to spread it all over with her hands. The three of them are a great combination!

I am surviving feeling like a single mom the best I can. Now that my parents are home it feels easier even though I'm doing the same things as before. For one thing I sleep better when I'm not alone, and that's big for me. Next weekend Daniel is meeting us at his parents' house,(his parents are picking him up at the airport), and we are going down for Alexie's college graduation. That will break the 8 week seperation in half. Whenever I get discouraged I just look at the picture of a ranch we are interested in. It will all be worth it if we can get our own place!

Pictures coming soon!


Kiley said...

Yay! I'm glad you're able to blog again. I've been wondering how you are doing. Glad you get to see Daniel soon. Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures.

Maria Miller said...

Glad to see you back on the blog and that things are going well. We've been wondering about you all and hope that Daniel's sales pick up soon. What a great experience for your kids to grow up on a ranch...much more interesting than the 'burbs!!

Jenn said...

So glad I peeked in on your blog....can't wait for pictures!!

Jamie said...

YAY! I am always happy to get an update from you! I miss you so much, and it is so great to hear how the kids are growing! Good luck and keep your eye on the prize! Love you, Summer!

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