December 26, 2009

This Is It.

Well here we go. This is my last post for possibly close to a year, unless I borrow someone's computer. We are starting the real road to buying our own ranch. Today, the day after Christmas was spent packing like mad. I didn't want to spoil Christmas by packing and taking things down. In a couple days we will be moved into my parent's house to house sit while they are "snow birding" for about 4 months. Daniel will start the regular selling season the middle of April. He can sell pre-season whenever he wants. Then we will live with my parents for probably 6 weeks while Cailin finishes first grade where she started out the year- where I went to grade school! Then we will be off for the "Summer Vacation" wherever our APX office takes us. After that the kids and I will move back in with my parents in August so Cailin and Colten can both start school. Daniel will finish APX the end of August unless he extends. From there we will re-evaluate our plans based on how the Summer went for Daniel. We are really shooting for a ranch of our own and it will take sacrifice for all of us- including my parents- we may live in their house most of the year. So this is it. When you have a dream you just have to go for it or you'll always wonder "what if". Goodnight from Montana.


Jamie said...

Summer--I miss you! E-me you contact info adn an update when you get a chance. Happy New Year, luv!

Northern Nickle Clan said...

Summer, I can't believe how much your daughter looks like you! Wow! It's like you shrunk.:) Love your blog!

Northern Nickle Clan said...

Summer, just read your comment on my blog. You must have some sort of computer access if you left it because I just posted that last entry pretty recently. So, I hope it's going well for you there. I'm gonna miss the valley a ton! I HATE living that far away!!! Hang in there. You'll get a house some time. We've had a really tough 2009 year and hopefully 2010 will do better. It's been really hard. But, I remember to have faith. I sure have grown spiritually even though it's been the biggest struggle I've ever been through. Love ya and take care!

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