December 9, 2009

A Return Missionary

Dan, Dawn and Dustin Harvey used to be our Home Teachers when we were in Livingston. They were very consistant in driving 1/2 an hour out to see us every month. Dustin just returned home from his mission to Tempe Arizona last week. They stopped by to see us and have Sunday dinner. My parents were here as well. It was a tradition for Daniel and Dustin to have an arm wrestling match. Daniel always beat him, but this time Dustin got him. Looks like being a missionary didn't make him too soft!

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Jamie said...

beautiful! I was sick Sunday and I missed them, sadly. A few of my AZ friends on facebook had Dustin serving in their wards--it was fun to keep tabs on him. So glad he had that experience, and so glad you guys got together. y'all are so loved!

ps: Your parents are so look so much like your dad.

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