December 1, 2009

The Plan So Far

Well after a good Thanksgiving without a camera, all I can say is that it was a great time. We spent it in Cache Valley with most of Daniel's family. We all pitched in to help with Thanksgiving because Daniel's mom recently had an operation. Kiley woke up early on Friday and went back to sleep, so I decided to sneak out and go shopping while everyone slept. Then the guys went pheasant hunting that afternoon and we had a pheasant bar-b-que that night. We drove home Sunday night after stopping to sign papers with our APX manager.

The loan agency would like to see us have a bigger down payment on the ranch, so we are going to wait until next year. In the mean time we will work for the Millers until the end of the month. They need someone to get here and learn the place before they start calving in January. Daniel is planning on selling pre-season starting the new year. We're going to house sit for my parents while they are in Utah for the Winter. Daniel starts the APX season mid - April. Then when Cailin gets out of school we'll go be with Daniel for the Summer, until the new school year starts. Colten will start school too, (My little boy is growing up!) That fall we hope to get into our OWN PLACE. That's the plan for now, but it usually changes!

Puppies ,Puppies, Puppies! Border Collie, Healer Cross. Reserve yours for Christmas now- only $50. Working mother- good cow dogs!

They are so cute! The white one is female, the brown one male. The rest are some of each!


Jamie said...

you are a patient, patient soul, girl! it will all be worth it...

keep your eye on the prize...putting in a whole decade to get to where you know you belong ain't too shabby ;) love ya!

Jenn said...

Sounds like a good plan...hope we get to see you sometime soon!

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