December 9, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

So we took my dad for a drive up to see an upper pasture and get a tree. We found the best tree and then ended up getting stuck for a good half hour- 45 minutes. We were high centered without a shovel. We did eventually get out!

Kiley was already taking off ornaments before the night was over. We listened to Michael Martin Murphy Christmas and snacked on peanut brittle, crackers and cheese, and summer sausage, while sipping sparkling cider from tall goblets.

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Kiley said...

Brrr. No snow pants? It's -15 below here, I can't imagine how cold it is in Montana. That's nice that you can just drive to one of your pastures to get a tree. We haven't had time to get to Chadron to cut a tree yet, and the way it's looking we may have to buy one from the store! (Jason won't be happy about that.)

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