March 3, 2012

Private Blog... Again.

Once again I just feel like I need to go private with my blog, so  I think if you already got an email asking you to make a password that it will still work. If not, you will most likely get another one. If you are a new reader and I know you... leave me your email and I'll make sure you get an invite to read my blog.


Kiley said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your first calf!

The Carter Family said...

Hi Summer,

Thanks for inviting us to follow your family blog! What an adventure it has been for you, Daniel and your family. You guys are a great example to many of us in pursuing and following your dreams, modern pioneers you are! Some of us are still trying to figure out our dream.
Several years ago when our kids were young Mick worked on a ranch in Springdale. It was some of the best years in our lives, it was his most happiest time. I remember one Christmas morning Mick had to go out and feed the cows and do the chores. So we decided we'd all go out as a family and help before any gifts were opened. Caleb our oldest, had flown home for Christmas that year from Arizona where he was attending ITT Tech before going on his mission. It was one of our most memorable Christmas's we'll always remember, the morning was beautiful and the snow blanketed the ground. All the kids helped even the little ones, Colton was the youngest and 3 yrs old at the time. They were driving trucks and tractors and moving hay where it needed to be dumping it out of the back of the pickup out in the pastures. We were finishing up the chores down where the watering troughs were and I noticed some deer droppings. I gathered the kids around and told them to look, Santa must of stopped here last night to rest and water his reindeer. They were pretty excited. It was a lot of fun, doing it together as a family.
I have a family blog as well and it too is private, but if you would like an invite just email me back and let me know your email and I'll send you one. The email showing says a no-reply. So not sure if you'll even get this email.
Hope all is going well with you guys and the ranch is moving forward. It has been a pretty unbelievable mild winter, imagine putting posts in the ground in January!!!

Take care, hope to hear from you!

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