March 21, 2012

Clay Turns 1

Clay turned 1 on March 4, 2012. We can't believe how fast he is growing up! I made him a turtle cake that my friend made her little boy. It turned out cute and clay enjoyed eating something sweet. The other kids were really cute, they each wrapped something of their own and gave it to Clay. He also got a broom and a small dump truck you pull back and it goes forward on its own. Grandma and Grandpa Schiess sent him an outfit, Grandma and Grandpa Orton sent money. Clay is walking all over the place and loves his new found freedom. He also loves to go outside. He knows when I'm putting his shoes on that it's time to go somewhere new that he can explore and be FREE! What a cute kid, we all love and adore him so much. I can't believe we almost didn't have this little boy in our family! It was a long haul, but so very worth it.

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