January 24, 2012

Expanding the Operation and Growing the Herd

 After going to a few sales we finally found the right cows and the right price for our outfit. Here comes the truck up the driveway, bringing the cows home!
 Daniel giving directions to where we wanted them.
 Backing up to the hay meadow.

 The first cow get's off the truck.
 Freedom! And off to meet the other, quite bossy cows that own that grass!
 The new cows are all black. The one's with white are the first cows we bought when we got here. Plus we have one Hereford cow that is Kiley's. These cows are rangey and are teaching the others to go to work.

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Jamie said...

Girlfriend, you blog looks SO GREAT! I can't believe you can run that ranch, home, family, AND find a moment to blog! But I am so glad you do! I look back all the way to Thanksgiving and my heart just swelled--you really amaze me and I am SO HAPPY for you and so proud to be your friend. You're the hardest working person I know, and one of the kindest and most humble, too. I am praying for the absolute BEST outcome for you this first year. I have no idea WHAT that is, but I pray the Lord will bless all of you for all your hard work and sacrifice and faith! LOVE YOU!!!!

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