January 24, 2012

Corral Posts

This is where we decided to put the barn and corrals. Across the fence, this pasture has been used for calving and where the bulls have been when it's not breeding season.
Daniel augers out the first hole. There was a bit of a frost line, and we don't have a big tractor so it took a while to get the holes dug.
The first day was spent getting the four corner posts solid and square. They are square to a 1/4 inch. (Daniel is very detail oriented.)
 I pounded a few posts while Badger kept watch most of the time. He must be photogenic because he slips into a lot of pictures! We used 8 foot kreasote posts that are 6 inches in diameter. We put them 3 feet in the ground, and they are heavy suckers.
 Kiley and Clay enjoy a hot day in January.
Luckily the warm weather lasted over a week. We needed all the time we could get!
 Kiley loves to help.
More and more and more posts!
Sliver, our Momma kitty enjoys our company, a soft coat, and the sunshine.
 At the end of this alley we will have a bud box.
The alley to the chute.
These are all the posts, minus the load out ramp. We got this done just before it snowed and froze hard that night. All the continuous fencing, and gates have been ordered and will be here at the end of February. I can't believe we got a break in the weather to put all these posts in the ground- in January!

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