May 27, 2010

Good Bye Rockwell

Last week I sold my horse to my good friend Russ. Rockwell was born right here behind my parents house the summer I graduated from high school. I broke him and trained him. He has gone just about everywhere I have gone. He was with me wranglering at the Teton Ridge Ranch. When Daniel and I were first married he was in Wellsville. When we moved to Little Mission Creek Ranch, so did he, the same with Lonestar, the Rex Ranch, Sitz Angus, back home to my parents', Miller Cattle Company, then back home. Now he will be giving rides to dudes at Harriman Park. He hadn't been ridden for 6 months when Russ showed up to see him. I grabbed him from the pasture with ease and threw my saddle on him. Then Colten hopped up and rode him around like he was the happiest kid in the world. Russ said he felt bad taking my kids' horse. I know, I felt kinda bad too, seeing how happy Colten was. But Rockwell's calling in life is to be a dude horse, putting along with a bunch of horses. He wasn't good for our kids on the ranch because he didn't like to work much and couldn't just be sent off , he had to be right along other horses or he'd have a fit. I had to run out and take a few pictures of Kiley on him because the other two have tons of pictures riding this horse. So farewell my pony.

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