May 27, 2010

Field Day

We've been praying for good weather for Cailin's field day, and today was alright. It did start to sprinkle on us at the end, but all and all it was a great day for some friendly competition! Kiley liked playing in the rocks, not in the safest place though.
Colten has been begging me to go play at a playground, so luckily today some of the events were right next to the school playground where he slid down slides, played basketball, monkey bars, and even some tether ball. He ran around with a bunch of other younger brothers and had so much fun. He kept asking when he was going to get to run, or jump, or throw the ball. NEXT YEAR BUD!
Kiley was so cute, she just wanted to play too. She watched in wonder as all the big kids went down a tall metal slide, inching her way closer. (She does that, inch her way to things she wants, usually with her eyes hidden by her hands!)

Cailin can jump,

3 leg race,

and, RUN!

I was so proud of her! First place in the 75 yard dash, sack race, and the long distance run in which she beat all but 3 boys too! Second place in the baton relay, hop, step jump; and 50 yard dash, which was the first race of all and I watched her look at everyone she was beating, slow down to run with the group and take second... I had to tell her that she needed to not worry about any one else and just win the race. So she did! Third place in the three legged race, and the standing broad jump. Hooray for Cailin! My little girl is almost a second grader:(...:)!

She pulled her tooth tonight, she has pulled all but one by herself. I love that girl.

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