May 12, 2010

Planting Season

I love this time of year. I love everything about farming and ranching. It is such a huge part of who I am and what I love to do. Some of my earliest memories are of being in a field somewhere on my Dad's farm. I loved driving tractor, moving cows, and yes, even picking wild oats by hand or rogueing potatoes on foot. I was even a flagger for my dad when he'd spray fertilizer. I'd stand near one end of the field with a flag made from a bar or link from a potatoe digger. My brother would be at the other end of the field with a similiar flag. We'd pace off the steps each time my dad would give "the nod". Then jab the flag in the ground, set up our folding chair and read a book. I think that's how I got through most of the Storm Testament Series by Lee Nelson. (Love those books) Anyways, maybe that's why this "dream" of ours is so important to me. The love of the land is in my blood.

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