April 8, 2009

!Aguante Daniel!

Daniel has sold three security systems even before the "season" has begun! I'm so proud of him for all he is doing for our family. He really has put up with a lot of crap for 7 months- (I mean he's been driven to putting his horses away for 5 months and going to a BIG city to go door to door selling security systems, and he's looking forward to it!) He is very self motivated and has been studying and practicing since he finished for Sitz Angus. I'm anxious to see how the summer goes and if we will do this again next year. We're gonna save, save, save, and buy that ranch!

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Jenn said...

Good for Daniel....I know he would rather be doing something else...but I am glad you'll be back here in August! We miss you! (It was so nice to see you last week!)

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