April 15, 2009

We Made It

Saturday morning Daniel left for Minnesota around 6:30 AM. Steve Jones from Livingston showed up with his snowmobile trailer around 9AM and Brothers Thornock, Blanchard and Peterson started packing it all up. My VT companion Connie Young also showed up with her husband and two daughters. i am so grateful to all of them for helping us, we could never do this without the good friends we have. Ben, Jake and little George Tyner, along with the missionaries, Patrick, and Dave Bowden, were all waiting for me at the storage unit. There are so many great people in this world that have helped us move EVERY time.

As I watched my house be packed into a 10 by 20 storage unit I couldn't help but feel lonesome. Daniel was on his way to Minnesota and I was alone with our three children, without a home. We had lunch and ice cream, then went back to Harrison and picked up the animals. For as long as I live I will never pack my car to the brim and then add two dogs, a cat and two goldfish in the front seat. What a 3 hour ride. Colten and Cailin were entertaining though. We were driving through Island Park and Cailin says to Colten: " Look there's a tractor outside.... made ya look!" So Colten says "Cailin look, there's a Barbie outside.... made ya look."

I don't have any pictures because I'm not on my computer.


Kiley said...

I'm glad to hear you made it. Are your parents there or are they still in Utah? How is Cailin liking school? I'm glad you at least know people there (like the secretary). How does Daniel like Minnesota? Is he in Minneapolis? I'm glad he has Brooke and her husband there so he's not all alone. I hope your time apart goes quickly (although I was really hoping you'd still be in Victor when we go visit in June/July).

Anonymous said...

Ha ha thats too funny about Colten and Cailin! I remember doing that too.

Jenn said...

glad you got it all done...I can't wait to see you guys again this summer!

Justin & Kayla said...

We are glad all went smooth. We were hoping you would send us your e-mail address. Our email is kaylasuedixon@yahoo.com. I hope all is well.

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