April 8, 2009

Thank You Three Forks RS

I have had numerous offers to help me pack and I've been slow to say yes every time. I guess I've just done this so many times that I figure I've got it all down. My RS President wouldn't take no for an answer and came over with her counselors tonight. They helped me pack a bathroom and my whole kitchen. I forget how much the kitchen is. I was really glad they came and the biggest stress is already packed! I've just got a few things left to pack to take to Minnesota and our suitcases while we stay with my parents for six weeks. The horses are all at my parent's house along with our tack, tools, and garden/ yard items. The worst part for me will be on Saturday after we go to the storage unit. I have to come back here, pack the fridge and pick up our two energetic dogs and the fat cat. Travelling alone with two small children, a baby, two dogs and a fat, furry cat for 3 hours is not something I'm excited about. Plus the car will be pretty packed so we'll see how fun it is. (Can you give animals Benadryl- JK).

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