February 26, 2009


Yesterday Cailin and Colten both got their Kindergarten immunizations. I know its a little late for Cailin. I didn't realize she didn't get them in Nebraska because of the move. Then a nurse told me that Colten could have his when he turned four. So I had them be brave together. And brave they were! I think it's harder to watch your kids get shots than it is to get one yourself. There was only one nurse, (because we live in a small town and they travel up from Ennis once a week.) so Colten got two and Cailin got three. The first one's were ok, Colten cried on the last, and Cailin didn't want anything to do with the third- she cried too. Those MMR's are stingers and they're still complaining about them tonight. I don't remember getting any "you were such a good patient" prizes when I was a kid. The prize was a cool band-aid like Tom and Jerry or something. Heck this lady gave them a book, a sucker, and a sticker for each shot! Maybe we , or I should say, other people give our kids way to much! Oh well.

I watched in amazement as Kiley learned that she can grab things with her hands today. Then I laughed when she couldn't figure out how to let go and it was attached to something. She's found her voice and would rather bite on her hand than suck the binki anymore. Tonight is the second night in her own room, in the crib- finally!

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Michelle said...

Yeah Summer! Sounds like the kids are doing great. I actually thought about getting Kade's shots soon too. I need to call the school to see if I need to have the doc fill out any paperwok while I do it so I don't have to go back again.

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