March 1, 2009

A Quick Weekend At Home

Friday morning my brother Branden called me and said he was going home for the weekend because my dad was up looking for a new combine with my Uncle Lyle. I had to go to the dentist Friday afternoon so I didn't think it would work. Then I remembered it was the first Sunday of the month and I didn't have to teach the YW. So Saturday morning the kids and I went down to Teton Valley and had some fun with my brother and his family, and my younger sisters. However, when we were gone Daniel got run over by a mean old cow. One of his co-workers got a hold of my as they were taking him to the hospital. He had some X-rays and a catscan. He didn't break anything, but may have a torn muscle in his shoulder. They gave him two shots for the pain and some good pain killer prescriptions. He's doing much better tonight, but maybe he's just drugged up. He's a little beat up, but will live!

So Alexie has this big blond wig we were all trying on. Kiley looks as cute as anyone! "Look at all the hair Summer's baby was born with!"

Can you tell who is who? OK, when we all get together we get a little silly/ weird. We were really sad that Mom and Michelle's family weren't there.


Jenn said...

Hope Daniel feels better soon! Glad that you had fun with your family...I miss mine terribly!

Kiley said...

I'm glad you don't live 10 hours away from the Valley anymore so you can make a weekend trip by yourself.

How is Daniel feeling? How many cows does he have left to calve?

Your baby is so cute!

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