November 4, 2008


A big thanks to Aunt Christa. She sent us a huge, fun care package with all sorts of things for the kids to do while I'm occupied with Kiley. They have been playing all afternoon and having so much fun! She also sent the cutest cowboy/girl blanket. When my camera starts working again I'll post that picture. My camera is tempermental. I just got it in March and it turns on when it wants to. Do you think Wal-mart will take it back? I don't have the reciept.
My parents left last night after dinner. They were here a week and really helped me out. They watched the kids while we were at the hospital, and helped me out after Kiley was here. My mom made all the meals and played with the kids. My dad did some fix it things around the house and played with the kids as well. He also took me to Kiley's first doctor visit so I didn't have to take her into the store. When town is an hour away you have to do all your errands that day. He was a great babysitter!
It has been a dark, rainy, election day. It reminds me of memorial day. You know, it always rains because people are a little sad remembering their loved ones. I think it rained today because whoever becomes the next president will make us all cry! I must have a bad attitude because I don't trust either of the candidates. Its a lose, lose situation. My friend Jamie wouldn't be very happy with me! Happy voting!

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Michelle said...

I couldn't agree with you more about crying for who gets the presidential seat! I am sweating here in the 50+ degree weather here...waiting for the results tonight on Prop 8. I spent several hours today making calls to encourage people to get out and vote. It was organized by several churches in YC. I wish I could have come to help you Summer...

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