November 13, 2008

My Labor Story

I thought I better tell my story of how baby Kiley was born so I don't have to keep repeating it and exagerating it!

I wasn't feeling well on Tuesday so I called my parents to ask if they could come that night instead of the next day. I was worried I might go into labor during the night and they'd have to drive while I waited. They came and the baby didn't. However after a nap on Wednesday afternoon my water broke around 3pm. I wasn't sure so I called the Dr. He said to come to his office, that he'd wait even though it would be after 5. I had some pain before we left, but for the hour drive it took to get there I didn't have one contraction. I thought he'd send us home and I'd be induced in the morning. My water had broken and we went to the hospital. The walking around helped get things going. They wouldn't give me an epidural until I was a 4. By then I was in a lot of pain and the anestesiologist was busy so the Dr. tried to give it to me. I was shaking so bad he didn't get it in the right spot. Finally the anestesiologist arrived and redid it. I did have to have the Pitocin to make it go faster. I pushed for 45 minutes and Kiley Summer Orton was born at 1:09am. I'd never even met the doctor on call, but he was great! Kiley weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces, and was 20 3/4" long. As you can see from the pictures she has lots of blond hair. She sleeps better than Cailin and Colten ever did. It does take her almost an hour to nurse, which can get tiring in the middle of the night. I am soooo sooo glad she's here and my body is mostly mine now!

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Jamie said...

I am so glad you posted this because I have been wanting to hear this, just missing you in general, and our girls talks! I love all the pix you have posted, I think you are so brave, I love reading your "mommy perspective." I wish you were here to be my counselor--I coudl use your perspective and experience, especially with the budget! I gave my first Sharing time Sunday and I thought back to your sweet Christmas sharing time last, I miss you! Now that gas is cheaper I should come visit (well, as soon as the ice melts!) Love you!

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