December 14, 2009

Gingerbread House Tradition

So here is our mess. Cailin and Colten are getting old enough to do things by themselves, and they want to. So we almost end up with more of a mess than anything, but they have fun!
This is the front door/ yard. Colten did the door, Cailin did the yard.Colten's side of the roof- I helped with the icing.
Cailin's side of the roof- once again I did the icing- on command...
The back window which Cailin did. Then Daniel had Colten do a garden... I reminded him it was WINTER! :) We had lots of fun while listening to the CD's that Michelle recorded from my mom's old records we used to listen to as kids. Wow, how the memories came back! I used to lay on the floor in front of this old brown wooden record system that had an 8 track too. I'd lay there and look at the ceiling while listening to these songs and think about Christmas! We used to eat these hard candies that had a juicy filling- raspberry. I've never seen them since I was a kid.

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