October 30, 2009

We Found This

The other morning Daniel called me up and asked if I could bundle the kids up, hop in the 4-wheeler and go check an electric fenceline they'd just moved some cows into. So we did. On our way back I wanted to explore this old run down house. It was a big house with an upstairs. On our way up the stairs I saw a grey blur hop into a bedroom. I was a little worried it was a rat, but pressed on with curiousity of this neat old house. When I looked in the room there was this little bunny. It isn't a baby, but not full grown. Somehow it got trapped up there. It didn't take me long to catch, I almost thought it was domesticated, but it was probably just emaciated from hunger. So we brought it home, me driving the wheeler, holding a baby, and a rabbit. It was too scared so we let it go in the barn, where it promptly ran away and found a new home!

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Jenn said...

Too cute...I remember as a child finding a VERY large desert tortoise..that we promptly named Herbie...and kept in our backyard!

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