October 26, 2009

A Great Weekend Trip

I think this is the only trip we've ever been on that we could actually see out the back of our car! At the Logan Temple.

Cailin kept begging me to take a picture. She took this one of the temple, pretty good I'd say!
Daniel's parents took the kids for the wedding and the luncheon so we had a LOVELY break!
School pictures were today, but I decided to take some at the temple so I saved us 70 bucks. I'm no photographer but I think these will work.

I think it is so important for little girls see young ladies get married in the temple. We talked with Cailin about how special it is and what you have to do to be able to be married in this beautiful place. She was excited and asked if Stephanie got to choose her dress and flowers, etc, etc. She loves that stuff- such a girl! Stephanie is BEAUTIFUL! Sorry I don't have any of her and Jed, what was I thinking?!

All Steph's girl friends.
We hung out with Alexie and Dustin for a while, they have puppies!

All and all it was a lot of fun and now that we're home I may be getting the flu:( I've been laying really low, and am feeling like I could beat this thing! Summer's flu remedy: Make your husband watch the kids and put them to bed while you take a really hot bath. Go to bed early and eat lots of healthy food while pumping multivitamins and vitamin C. Let the house get a mess, only cook dinner and clean up what you have to:)!


Jenn said...

The family shot of you guys is great!!! Hope you feel better soon...we too have been a bit under the weather!

Jamie said...

Hey, that sounds just like my prescription! I've been on it for 5days, though and I am not better...UGH! I hope you don't get super sick and can kick this bug...I know how much you love Halloween! love -n-miss U! Thanks 4 sharing great pix!

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