July 31, 2009

When It's All Said And Done

After all the fun and excitement of experiencing a big city, my kids usually end up doing what they love to do most of all. That is play in the dirt, make mud pies and be outside. This has been a great experience for our family. It has helped us know exactly what is most imortant to us, how we want to raise our family, and where we want to be. It has brought us all closer together and we've learned to appreciate each other more. Daniel and I have been apart more, the kids together in close quarters so they've learned to play together better. All I know is that I love my family and we can't wait to get home to "the ranch". Wherever and whatever ranch that might be we don't know right now. We've got some things in the work, but you never know.

They kinda dug up the grass to find more dirt!


Jenn said...

oh please tell me you are coming back this way....please!

Maria Miller said...

Hi Summer!! Glad to see you all had fun in the big city and why it will be so good to get back to country!! Well, I took your advice and started a blog. It was easy, just like you said! I've decided to keep it private though, and would like your e-mail address so I can send you an invite. I think Daniel will like seeing what the Miller's are up to! Please send your e-mail to me at writemaria62@yahoo.com. Thanks...Maria

Jamie said...

Where are you, Summer???? What is going on with my favorite gypsy family?

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