February 20, 2009

I Love My Kids! And Great Deals!

I've got the greatest kids. Don't get me wrong, they have their moments. Today we were at Wal-mart and they had a big sale on the Valentines leftovers. We don't get our kids much except at Christmas and Birthdays so I got them each a stuffed animal, (and only paid two dollars!) They were so shocked! I let them carry them around the store until we checked out. It was the easiest trip to Walmart with 3 children I've ever taken! I also stocked up for next year. When we got in the car Cailin said "Mom, why did you buy these for us?" I said "Because I love you, of course!" With a smile on her face she said, "Oh, thanks." Then we went to Livingston to visit a friend and her kids. When it was time to clean up Colten jumped right in and cleaned up better than I've ever seen. We had to make another stop at Walmart to pick up another goldfish because Colten's died and I was afraid the other one was going to die because it was lonely. (Seriously, these fish have personalities!) So after we got the fish and paid our 15 cents we got in the car again and Colt said "Thank you so much Mom for getting me a new fish, I was sad that Tractor died." I said "Your welcome, what are you going to name your new fish?" He says, "Tractor.... no, Snowplow!" Kiley did really well travelling too. It was 3 hours round trip, plus two trips to Walmart.

So because I got such a good deal at Walmart and my college roommate has this "All Prepared" link, I've become more concious about buying things on sale. Some people have been posting the great sales they've hit so here is my picture. Most of this is for next year's Valentines.

6 stuffed animals, 4 picture frames, 4 t-shirts and a 24 pack of Fun Dip for $10.65


Holli's Blog said...

Your kids are too cute! Way to go, you bargain shopper. I love getting bargains, my problem is I can't pass up a good deal.

Branden Schiess Family said...

Kids are the best.....and sometimes no so much! Good story, thanks for sharing!

Jenn said...

I love me a good sale, too! Glad that the day was a good one...it's such a blessing when the kids are "good"...sure makes for a good day!

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