February 24, 2009

Cheap, Easy, Fun

When I was a kid we would play "dominoes" forever and ever at my Grandma and Grandpa Armstrong's house. They had this cement basement that was painted red, and we would divy up the playing cards (which were bent in half). Then we'd stand them up fairly close together and meet at some point. The lucky person got to be the one to knock the first one down. It's pretty cool to watch. So I bent a bunch of our cards we never use and wala! Instant fun! Be careful though, the look on Cailin's face in this picture shows that there was an accidental bump!

I helped Colt set these up.


Brooke said...

I loved doing that! The last time I was at grandmas we talked about that!

Michelle said...

Last night I was at the gym listening to oldies on Pandora Radio and someone asked me "So you like the oldies hu?" I explained to them about having grandparents who had a juke box and how I loved to rollerskate in their basement, or play ping pong while cranking up the tunes!

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