December 31, 2008

Kiley 2 Months Old

Nice milky smile!

Baby Kiley is a thinker. This morning she discovered she could taste her hand. As she licked her little hand her eyebrows were furrowed. She often has that same expression on her face while she eats. She smiles and has started to coo and comminicate in ways other than crying. She's started to have regular sleeping times and I'm hoping she'll drop one of her night feedings soon. She is a lot of fun! Cailin and Colten are always wanting to hold her. She likes them and they help me a lot by entertaining her!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute! And growing so fast

Jamie said...

So sweet! She matches--I can see both of the other kids in her. Can't wait to see her in person! Love you--Happy New Year!

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