December 31, 2008

Drifts of Fun

I've heard people complain about the snow here. I guess for me it just reminds me of being a kid, listening to the wind blow outside my bedroom window during the night and just waiting in bed for the phone to ring. That phone call would be part of a calling tree the school district in Teton Valley sets up to tell families that school is cancelled. They would cancel school for a blizzard, bad roads or if it was 20 below zero. (It was 30 below here a couple weeks ago and they didn't even blink, Cailin went to school.) The funny thing is that when I would lie in my bed and wait for that much anticipated phone call, all the sleep would flee from my eyes and as soon as Dad would come downstairs and annouce the wonderful news, all us kids would get up, get our snow clothes on and go out to play. We would play "King of the Tube", sled and ski behind the snowmobile, and sled down the hills in the mountains behind our house. I remember one year our road had drifted so bad that it made these really fun hills for a sled behind the snowmachine. We played all day and into the night, (we probably filled the snowmachine tanks at least twice.) That night we were still sledding in the dark when the piercing lights of Kunz's John Deere tractor plowed up our road to get their mom out. The next day the snow plows finally got the road cleared. This made for fun banks to ski up while being pulled behind the snomachine, which is kinda like water skiing. We'd see who could get up the highest. Ahh memories of being a kid...

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