November 23, 2008


The night before Cailin's field trip was a sleepless one for Kiley and me. Needless to say I wasn't quite ready by the time I took Cailin to school. I had to come home and finish getting ready. This put our time back and the nursing back, etc, etc. It was not a fun trip to town, which is a bummer because when you live this far out you sort of look forward to going to "town" and getting out. Colten had a sick tummy and we had to visit 4 different public bathrooms 6 times. The whole time toting around a baby carseat and trying to keep germs off of everyone! When it was finally time for lunch Colten had to use the bathroom again and wanted to eat at McDonalds. I pulled into the parking lot and the drive through was packed so I thought we'd go in and use the bathroom and order inside. The next thing I knew was all these high school kids were walking into McDonalds, it was only a block from the school and it was lunch hour. Plan B: I drove across the street to Burger King and then got gas and took Colt to the restroom there. I still had to get groceries! Kiley did pretty good considering she was in the carseat almost all day. When I finally did get to the grocery store I bought double of everything on my list because I really don't want to re-do that day ever again!

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