November 20, 2008

School Field Trips

Well, tomorrow my first born will embark on her first field trip, her first ride on a school bus, her first time going anywhere without Daniel or me. I'm so excited for her. They are going to Bozeman to explore The Museum of the Rockies. They have dinasour remains, science things, and a planetarium I think. Amidst the excitement I feel some nervousness. Will she be like "Nemo"? Is she going to stay in her seat on the bus, or will she get yelled at by the bus driver like I did a couple times. Probably not. Will she trade her lunch for someone elses? Did my mom feel these feelings when I went on field trips? She probably felt them with her first born too, but by the time I came along... Anyhow, here is a picture of Cailin when she was a baby.

Colten, Kiley and I will also head to Bozeman to do some grocery shopping and other things. The plan is to nurse Kiley before getting Cailin ready for school, then nurse her in Bozeman before we start our errands. I'll probably have to do it in the car, not a fun thought with a busy three old. I'm gonna have to bring some formula just in case!

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Kiley said...

The joys of having a newborn. It's hard living so far from town. I'm really missing you when I go to mutual by myself. It takes twice as long now because I usually have to stop in Lakeside to feed Dallie.

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