June 16, 2012

Orton Ranch Branding 2012

 Daniel got home from St. Louis, and got the branding pot build just before the branding.
 We have 66 calves.

 Cailin got right in there and helped out.
 Clay hangs out on the tail gait.
 Kiley and her friend Tommy.
 The corrals work great and we were so glad to have them.
 Nothing tripped or fell off the load out. When the semi backed up to it, it was just about flush.

 After the branding we had soccer tournaments, Cailin and Colten both won medals.
 We were really excited for our first ever branding. We had 8 adults and 12 kids. It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward this first summer. Daniel sells Vivint off and on all summer. I am learning a whole lot about cattle and how much work taking care of kids and a ranch can be. Happy to be living our dream!

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