January 4, 2012

The Christmas Season

 Decorating Gingerbread Houses is a tradition we started with Daniel's brother in Montana. Then we shoot them with the .22 after most of the candy is gone. That's always a fun tradition. Except Daniel made a manger scene and we didn't shoot that... of course!

 Daniel's sister Rebecca made this block Nativity set for us a few years ago. It stands up to 10 month olds knocking them over, and 3 year olds playing house with them. It gets rearranged practically every day.
 Putting up the Christmas lights. I got sick of only having half a string light up and not being able to find the right bulb that was out, or if it was the fuses. So I bought a couple new strings of the real light bulb ones. You can see which one is out and it doesn't make them all go out! Badger chewed through the lights 3 times, and never got shocked. He did it when we had them off, so we left them on all the time after that!
 The cats were soaking up the sun under this leafless Lilac tree. Clay liked being outside in the "trees"!
 Decorating the tree. We lost a losing battle and bought an artificial tree. There are no Christmas trees around here!

We had so much fun on Christmas Day that we only got this one picture and a few videos. We waited to open gifts until after church because we had to leave by 8:45 and I didn't want the kids to be tired and whiny all day from getting up super early. We also got chickens from the Wildes in our branch. 7 laying hens and we have started to get 4 eggs a day. It is fun to look out the window and see chickens pecking around the awesome chicken coop we, well Daniel, mostly built. It was just an old building we drug down to the homesite, but we built the run during freezing temperatures trying to have it done in time. Luckily the holes were drilled before the ground froze. But the past 2 weeks have been in the 50's. Which is great, because we can keep working on all those projects!

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