October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It was the warmest Halloween night I've ever experienced. We all went out without even a jacket or extra sweatshirt.  I was a little nervous trick or treating to people we don't know, but we had fun and I threw away any treats that weren't store bought and packaged. So I'm paranoid, but oh well! I love my little "spirits"! BTW I sewed Colten's Mario costume and I don't know if I ever want to see another sewing pattern again! I felt like I was back in high school and working on some class project that was a huge monkey on my back. But I finally finished and he has never been happier, which makes me ecstatic!

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catdrake1 said...

Summer and Daniel!!! Super Fun!!! YeeHaaww!! How cool! Loved the blog! Thank you also for your Christmas Card. The Card went up on the fridge for all to see, even my date :) Summer it was fun to talk to you after Thanksgiving! I will be in touch to figure out a time to come out!!

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