July 25, 2011

Alexie's Wedding and Poolside Fun

I took Clay and flew home for my sister Alexie's wedding. It was very pretty and lots of fun, Even though I spent only 1 full day there. This is my dad walking Alexie down the 'isle'. I need to figure out how to get pictures off of facebook, because Brooke posted a neat one of my dad and me dancing!

 Me, Sierra, Brooke, Alexie, Michelle, Christa, and Katie.

 I love this cute picture of my baby!

It's tuff to get a good picture of the kids at the pool these days. They spend so much time under water! Cailin and Colten are both very good self taught (with a little coaching by me) swimmers. Kiley is a little timid of the water, but just watching the older two I know that it will eventually come at her own time and pushing it will only make it worse. Cailin is the blue swimming suit, Kiley is in the pink, and Colten has grey camo swim shorts.

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