October 15, 2009

The Place Before We Moved In

This is the view from the barn looking to where our house now stands to the right and up the little hill of this shed. Daniel is making this his tool shed. He and Colten dug a trench and laid wire to run electricity out there. It needs gutted out some. The big trees are begging us to put up a tire swing! This is a neat old barn that reminds me of my dad's barn and where I grew up. Today Daniel found a REALLY old dead cat that had been perfectly preserved under who knows what- manure, straw, bird poo. He found a can of chew that dated 1977- so maybe that's how old the cat is! Gross. We've got the tack room set up, but it still needs a lot of gutting out as well.
We're gonna use the old chicken coop part of this shed and maybe tear the other part down. Hopefully next Spring we'll get some chicks. This also needs some cleaning out, everything does. The place hasn't been used for some time.
The creek is much lower now, but the kids love it. We hope to build a small bridge.
This picture was taken where the house stands now.
The corrals to the West of the barn.


Kiley said...

I love it. It's so pretty. I'm glad you get to be back home in Montana.

Maria Miller said...

Wow, your new place looks awesome! Bet you all love being back together in Montana...beautiful country!

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