October 19, 2009

A Busy Day

After Daniel insulated the mud room we decided I'd better go out and get on Lightening again. I got on her Saturday, bareback at first and then with the saddle. She did really good and only freaked a tiny bit once. But hey, I stayed on! Come rain or shine we need to put 30 good rides on these two little girls. They are smart and are thinkers.

After months of wondering if this baby was ever going to get moving, today was the day! Kiley started crawling. (Watch out, dangerously cute and funny pictures ahead!)

Then for Family Home Evening we carved pumpkins. When we were in Livingston we used to carve them every Halloween with Daniel's brother's family. They just moved to Wyoming a few months back. We sure missed them this year!

We love roasted pumpkin seeds!
Colten kept saying over and over: "This is the most fun Halloween day. This is the most fun Halloween day!"

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