September 21, 2009


Last week was our project week. We finished building our kitchen table on Monday, painted our horse trailer on Wednesday, and made a trip to Ennis on Friday to paint the house. And although we didn't quite finish the painting of the house, we did get all three bedrooms painted, the halls, the living room and part of the kitchen and laundry room. We didn't even start the bathrooms, but that should be pretty easy. It was really good for us to go up there and see all the Millers were doing for us. There was a big excavater there digging trenches, the plumber, electricians, and propane people were all there. I was even asked how big and where I wanted the yard to be so they could get it all fenced off and a driveway put in. I really didn't know what to say, so I let Daniel go outside and figure it all out. The big day is Saturday the 26th of September. Daniel will go up to Livingston the night before and meet some people from the Livingston Ward on Saturday morning to pack our stuff out of the storage unit. The kids and I will bring the horses, dogs, and cat up to meet them that same morning. We are all very excited. The kids are especially excited to get their toys back! Heck they only played with their Christmas presents for 3 months before they were packed up. It will be like Christmas all over at our house! I am excited to have my own kitchen utinsels back. It's funny how used to your own cooking things you get. Although I've been thinking about stealing one of my mom's knives! JK! I hope Daniel has had enough of a break, we've been working on so many other things it doesn't feel like a break at all.

The two fillies are coming along great. Daniel has already ridden the red roan (Rawhide) twice. Tonight I really sacked Lightening out, with a plastic bag and a rickety orange tarp. By the time I finished she was walking over the tarp, and didn't mind it over her back, sliding down her face or rump. This week if I'm brave I may get on her. She likes me and really trusts me. I walked into my Dad's tool shed and she led right in after me- there are all sorts of scary things in there, like an old toilet, oil drums, a hanging chin up bar, tools, antlers, all sorts of odd stuff, not to mention the oily dirt. Anyhow, I can't wait to post pictures of all the progress I've made with her. Oh, by the way my old horse Rockwell looked very jelous nonight. Sorry old Boy!

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